Thematic Results Area: Resilience

The recently launched United Nations Development Assistance Plan (2016-2021) (UNDAP II) aims to achieve 12 Programme Outcomes which can be grouped into four Thematic Results Areas. Among those is Resilience which aims at helping the government in its efforts to implement more sustainable consumption and production habits in light of climate change as well as help to take care of refugees whom are among the most vulnerable in our society.

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals:

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UNDAP II Outcomes for Resilience:

Environment, Climate Change and Disaster risk Management: Improved environmental, natural resources, climate change, governance energy, and disaster risk management.

Refugees and Migrants: Comprehensive protection-sensitive and solution-oriented assistance and management of refugees and migratory flows.



Total: USD 681,196,833

Mainland: USD 668,714,308

Zanzibar: USD 12,482,525