Inclusive Growth


Thematic Results Area: Inclusive Growth

The recently launched United Nations Development Assistance Plan (2016-2021) (UNDAP II) aims to achieve 12 Programme Outcomes which can be grouped into four Thematic Results Areas. Among those is Inclusive Growth which will support the government in tackling poverty and ensuring that the economy works for all Tanzanians so that no one is left behind.

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals:

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UNDAP II Outcomes for Inclusive Growth:

Economic Growth and Employment: Transforming the economy for increasingly greater pro-poor inclusiveness, competitiveness and improved opportunities for decent and productive employment.

Education: Enhanced, equitable and inclusive access to quality basic education and lifelong learning.

Social Protection: Increased coverage of comprehensive and integrated social protection for all, especially the poor and vulnerable.



Total: USD 201,315,410

Mainland: USD 164,431,440

Zanzibar: USD 36,883,970