Healthy Nation


Thematic Results Area: Healthy Nation

The recently launched United Nations Development Assistance Plan (2016-2021) (UNDAP II) aims to achieve 12 Programme Outcomes which can be grouped into four Thematic Results Areas. Among those is Healthy Nation which will ultimately assist the government in bringing about a healthier country by addressing certain elements that are related to living a healthier life.

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals:

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UNDAP II Outcomes for Healthy Nation:

Health: Improved access to equitable, acceptable and affordable quality health services

HIV/AIDS: Improved, scaled up and equitable use of proven HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and support.

Nutrition: Increased coverage of equitable, quality and effective nutrition services among women and children under five.

WASH: Vulnerable groups have increased access to safe and afforable water supply sanitation and hygiene.



Total: USD 282,185,129

Mainland: USD 250,955,355

Zanzibar: USD 31,229,774