Remarks by UN Resident Coordinator at World Enrivonment Day Commemorations in Dar es Salaam




5 JUNE 2018


Your Excellency, Samia Suluhu Hassan, Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania,

Hon. January Makamba, Minister of State, Vice President’s Office for Union and Environment

Hon. Kangi Lugola, Deputy Minister, Vice President’s Office for Union and Environment

Hon. Paul Makonda, Regional Commissioner, DSM Region

Colleagues, representatives from UN agencies, development partners and members of the press,

Excellencies, honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen.

Habari za Asubuhi na Asalam Aleikhum!

Katika tukio hili la aina yake, Ningependa kuanza kwa kuishukuru serikali ya jamhuri ya Muungano ya Tanzania, kwa jitihada zinazoendelea, katika kupambana na mabadiliko ya tabia nchi, na changamoto za kimazingira. Hii inaonyesha dhamira ya ukweli ya serikali ya Tanzania, kushiriki kufikia malengo ya dunia na mpango wa Taifa wa  miaka mitano; unaotambua umuhimu wa utunzaji wa mazingira, na kukabiliana na mabadiliko ya tabia nchi. Kwa hili ninasema hongereni sana!

On behalf of the UN Family, I would like to congratulate the government of Tanzania for taking seriously one other emerging challenge that has surfaced as the country specific focus in the WED commemoration this year, the issue of unsustainable use of charcoal and reinforcing the use of alternative source of energy. With the very valuable panel discussions held on the 1st June, there are certainly a lot of useful information that the government of Tanzania needs to invest on to curb this challenge.

Again, I want to congratulate your Excellency President Magufuli for the esteemed leadership in taking the country to realizing vision 2025.

In commemorating the World Environment Day, Tanzania reflects her commitment in the global environmental agenda to address emerging environmental challenges around Climate Change and Natural Resources depletion.

Tanzania has pledged its commitment in a number of multilateral environmental agreement, which again reflects the country’s commitment to join the world in making the world a better place to live for both the present and future generations by taking the sustainable development pathway.

It has been a great honor for the UN system to engage in a number of environment and climate change programs, including the project for which, today we are celebrating its deliverables, as we inaugurate the beach wall.

This project has covered three components including Ecosystem-based Integrated Coastal Area Management; Knowledge management and policy linkages; and addressing climate change impacts on key infrastructure and settlements. There has been a strong partnership between the two UN agencies involved, UN Environment, UNOPS and the government of Tanzania. This partnership will prove instrumental even beyond the project life circle.

We are happy and positive that the government of Tanzania will continue taking the leadership for the maintenance of the infrastructures from this project for their long-lasting impact, including the drainage systems that to a great extent minimize the floods disasters as a result of excessive rainfall.  


As we celebrate the World Environment Day today, many countries, including Tanzania, are faced with a number of emerging environmental challenges also attributed that the fast growing population, urbanization and climate change related impacts.

One of the serious emerging challenge across the globe is Plastic pollution, which also makes the global theme of the World Environment Day # Beat Plastic pollution! 


Studies indicates that it takes 100 years for plastic to degrade in the environment, which makes it more of a non-biodegradable materials with prolonged effects to the ecosystems. Some of the consequences have already been identified such as 100,000 marine animals being killed by plastics each year across the globe.


This year’s theme is a timely alert to us in Tanzania even as we embark in the journey to the middle-income status via the vehicle of industrialization.

With charcoal, plastic production becoming a serious emerging challenge of our times, we need to rethink on the way we curb or reduce charcoal usage by replacing with alternative energy. produce, use and manage plastic.

Umoja wa Mataifa, utaendelea kufanya kazi na wadau wake wote, kuhakikisha maendeleo endelevu kwa nchi ya Tanzania.

Tuko pamoja kulijenga taifa letu.

Kupanga ni Kuchagua! Tumepanga, Tumechagua na Tunatekeleza!

Pamoja tunaweza! Mazingira Hoyee!

Asanteni Sana!