Francisco Pichon

IFAD Country Representative and Country Director for Tanzania and Country Programme Manager for Rwanda (2014 - present)

Before joining IFAD, Mr. Francisco Pichon worked as a Senior Natural Resource Management Specialist at the World Bank, with focus on Africa where he worked in countries such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Swaziland. Francisco Pichon joined IFAD in 2007 as Country Programme Manager in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has coordinated IFAD’s Andean Sub-regional Programme and helped stabilize country programmes in challenging country environments such as in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. In 2013, he joined IFAD’s East and Southern Africa (ESA) Division as Portfolio Adviser and Country Programme Manager and in 2014 Mr. Pichon become Country Director and Country Representative of Tanzania and Programme Manager of Rwanda.

In his capacity as IFAD Country Director of Tanzania and Programme Manager of Rwanda, Mr. Francisco Pichon has ensured a stable IFAD loan/grant portfolio based on demonstrated value added of IFAD in support of implementation of national policies, completed the design of new operations (more sustainable value chains, rural finance strategies and instruments, business models, and facilitation support services), supported the talent pool of IFAD Country Office Staff to enhance their role in implementation support and policy dialogue, strengthened policy dialogue and partnership with finance and planning authorities for greater interfacing between national policies and programmes and IFAD direct supervision strategy, built understanding and constituencies of IFAD mandate and approaches to provide the enabling conditions for expanding IFAD country portfolios, and Expanded co-financing of new IFAD country programmes (EU, OFID, bilateral, Heifer, ADB, etc.).

Since becoming the Country Director of Tanzania 2014, Mr. Pichon has facilitated the participatory design of Tanzania Result Based Country Strategic Opportunity Programme 2016-2021 and designed of the first Public Private and Producer Partnership Project of Bagamoyo Sugar Infrastructure Community development project. 

Mr. Pichon is a national of Colombia. He has studied in Colombia and USA and holds degrees in several fields related to Development and Development Economics.