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Focus: Water and Sanitation projects to ‘Leave No one Behind’


Zanzibar, 22 June 2017 – The UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez visits the island in a continuation and expansion of UNDP-supported projects in Unguja and Pemba. Marking his tenth visit to Zanzibar, the UN Chief made several stops in Unguja, to see several water-access projects as well as an environmental conservation project.  Mr. Rodriguez is also expected to visit schools in both Pemba and Unguja to assess their facilities ahead of an upcoming water and sanitation project which will involve ten schools. The three-day field visit in Zanzibar is part of UN efforts to monitor projects and meet beneficiaries in communities.

In Unguja, Mr. Rodriguez visited a USD 90,000 water project in Kijwajuni Constituency, Zanzibar Town, where the lives of over 25,000 people have improved through the project which facilitates access to clean water. He later visited a USD 50,000 UNDP-supported Community Based Conservation Project in Kajengwa, Makunduchi. The conservation project has helped over 15,000 people, mostly women, who previously depended on firewood for cooking. They now have access to more efficient cooking stoves. The project supported the community in planting over 100,000 trees in the area and established 200 beehives which have helped improve nutrition and provide additional income.

The water and the conservation projects have been running for several years and now that the first phase have been successfully implemented, both projects will be scaled-up. Each project is set to receive USD 50,000 this year through the UNDP Small Grants Programme to begin implementation of phase two.

On Friday and Saturday, the UN Chief will also visit a number of schools where UN agencies, namely UNICEF and UNDP, are set to begin Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects later this year. These WASH projects will cover ten schools. Of these ten schools, the ones that will be visited include Mkwajuni Secondary School in Kaskazini, Unguja and Wingwi Primary School in Micheweni District, Pemba.


“The United Nations in Tanzania is keen to see the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar reach its social and development goals through MKUZA III. Education and Climate Change are two of the priorities of the revolutionary government. In terms of education, the authorities wish to achieve a higher quality education and supporting Goal 6: ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’ at the school level will help achieve this objective. We all believe that a healthy student has a better chance of performing well in school and reaching his or her full potential,” said Mr. Rodriguez.

Two of the districts where WASH will be implemented, Micheweni and Kaskazini districts offer an example of the current needs that exist when it comes to need to improve the ratio of toilets to students in Zanzibar. For example, the number of students per toilet in Kaskazini A is 1 to 143 for girls and1 to 278 for boys. Sustained intervention is needed to reach the international standard which is 1 to 20 for girls and 1 to 25 for boys.


Note to the Editor: UNDP/UNICEF other support in Zanzibar


As the lead agency for improving WASH conditions in schools UNICEF has constructed toilet blocks for 23 primary schools from Maghbari, Kaskazini, Wete and Mkoani over the last two years. UNICEF has also supported ZAWA in increasing water supply and has also helped ZAWA and the Ministry of Health promote Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage to combat cholera.


UNDP also plays a big role in supporting Zanzibar realize its development aspirations and improving the lives of its people through the broad practice areas of Democratic Governance, Climate Change and Energy, Environment and Natural Resources, Private Sector Development and Capacity Development. 






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