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Editors’ forum informed about UN Activities in Tanzania



Editors’ forum informed about UN Activities in Tanzania


UN Initiative to brief the media about its successes and plan for the next 4 years


Dar es Salaam – 16 March 2017: The United Nations in Tanzania met today with editors from different media houses to discuss UN success, challenges and opportunities during the past five years in the previous UN business plan, United Nations Development Assistance Plan I (UNDAP I) and present the new UN business plan, UNDAP II which will run until June 2021. The Editors’ forum event brings together heads of different UN Agencies, Senior Editors from media houses as well as members of United Nations Communication Group with the aim of communicating the UN’s work in Tanzania to the editors and also providing the editor’s with a space to discuss the media climate in the country.

Speaking at the event and commenting on UNDAP I, the UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez stated “UNDAP is the first single coherent plan for the whole of the UN in Tanzania. 87 percent of its planned budget was successfully mobilized and delivered while 97 percent of its outcomes and targets were also completed or partially completed. We faced challenges in terms of enabling environment, Capacity and Financial Constraints, and data Challenges.” He further highlighted that the new UNDAP is design to respond to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the government’s National Five-Year Development Plan.

One UN Tanzania is committed to Narrowing the Gap to Leaving No One Behind and its areas of focus are Inclusive Growth, Healthy Nation, Resilience, and Democratic Governance, Human Rights and Gender Equality. UNDAP II is set among other things, to increase the percentage of the population with access to safe and clean water, protect forests, improve incomes of rural women and contribute to improving quality education.

The UN Country Team’s focus is primarily founded upon nationally-led data and analysis with particular emphasis on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that have been identified by the Government of Tanzania as priority areas. The results of UNDAP II will be assessed in terms of their alignment with the two National Visions (The Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and Zanzibar Vision 2020) so as to ensure that the longer-term objectives of both visions are fully reflected in UNDAP II.

From all of these consultations, twelve programme outcomes emerged which are grouped under four inter-related themes which acknowledge that Inclusive Growth requires a Healthy Nation which is Resilient to shocks within the context of transparent and accountable Governance serving the citizens’ needs. These four themes are referred to in the plan as Thematic Result Areas and each area focuses on a specific set of objectives.

Note to the Editor:

As of July 1st, 2016 UNDAP II was concluded and the UN Development Assistance Plan 2016-2021 (UNDAP II) had officially begun. UNDAP II aims to build on the foundation that has been established by UNDAP I by working hand-in-hand with the GoT and other partners. UNDAP II runs concurrently with the GoT’s second Five Year Development Plan (FYDP II 2016-2021) and both the GoT and the UN Tanzania have pledged to dedicate their efforts, based on a long and enduring partnership, to the successful implementation of UNDAP II.


The process of formulating UNDAP II was very inclusive as it involved the GoT, Development Partners, Civil Society, Media, the Private Sector and the General Public. The process also drew upon data from the country’s needs with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and hard to reach people in the country. It was also undertaken with the understanding that the global context in which both the GoT and the UN would be working in post-2015 would change substantially due to the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September of 2015.





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