Human Rights


The Government of Tanzania has made strong commitments in the field of human rights. This includes the ratification of several core human rights conventions as well as national policies favoring a human rights based approach to development.

UN Tanzania pays great attention to the UN’s global mandate for the promotion and protection of human rights. Among other things, this has translated into a rigorous review of the responsibilities of duty-bearers and the conditions of rights-holders during the preparation of the 2011-2015 UN Development Assistance Plan. This analysis revealed systematic challenges for persons with disabilities, persons living with HIV/AIDs and victims of abuse and exploitation, among others, in the enjoyment of human rights.  

In response, the UN Tanzania Country Team promotes non-discrimination and equality, as well as the shaping of a strong and coordinated national human rights machinery. In addition to mainstreaming such goals into its development assistance activities, the UN supports the reporting and follow-up on recommendations from the Human Rights Council and UN Human Rights Treaty bodies. The preparation of a National Human Rights Action Plan is another important activity of UN Tanzania and is carried out hand-in-hand with Government, the Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance and several NGOs. 

To enhance coherence, coordination and quality of these and other activities, some 15 staff members compose the UN Human Rights Working Group, which acts as an advisory committee for the entire UN country team on human rights issues.

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